2020 Events

February 23rd – TFCEC Spring Auction, starting at 11 AM at the Lake Erie Italian Club, 3200 South Park Ave, Lackawanna, NY 14218.
March 1st – GAAS Spring Auction
March 8th – YATFS Spring Auction
March 15th – NEO Spring Auction
April 5th – EAS Spring Auction
April 25th – CNYAS Spring Auction
April 26th – GAPASI Spring Auction
June 13th and 14th – YATFS Ultra Aqua Fish Show
August 29 and 30th – TFCEC Fall Fish Festival
September 13th – GAPASI Fall Auction
September 20th – NEO Fall Auction
October 18th – YATFS Fall Auction
October 25th – EA Fall auction
November 1st – GAAS Fall Auction
November 20, 21, 22 – OCA Extravaganza

Please contact us to have your club’s events listed.